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The Coils selection assumes that at least one compressor is created for a Heat Pump System.

During the Control Selection process, you must select the configuration of the reversing valves to determine if a reversing valve is enabled for heating or cooling.

The selection options for Coils are:

  • Condensate Alarm: This option adds a binary input for a condensate sensor that shuts down the cooling system when activated.
    • Shutdown on Alarm: This option places the system in shutdown mode when the Condensate Alarm is active.
  • Isolation Valve:This option controls an isolation valve for each heat pump.

    • Isolation Valve Status: This option monitors the status of the heat pump isolation valve.

  • Two Compressors-Reversing Valves: This option creates the required Output Controllers and Outputs for a two compressor system.

  • Supplemental Heating

    • One Stage

    • Two Stages