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Controller Configuration Tool
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Configuration and simulation tasks include the following:

  1. Optional: Set or import naming and signal preferences and System Selection Wizard defaults if you plan to add a new system (Setting Preferences).
  2. Create a new system or open an existing system (Configuring a System).

    Note: If you are prompted to upgrade your system when opening an existing file, if you wish to add a newly released feature, or if you want to rerun system selection, see the Upgrading System Files section.
  3. Optional: Use or manage perspectives for your applications (Perspectives).
  4. Edit a system (Configuring a System):

    • Optional: Add Inputs and Outputs.

    • Edit attributes and parameters.

      • Optional: Change Input and Output signals.

      • Optional: Set up peer-to-peer communication on Network Inputs or Network Outputs.

    Note: As you make selections in the System Selection Wizard, you can press F1 to view the Help screen. The Help screen displays the Help section of the item you are viewing and changes as you select different items in the wizard. Click the links on the Help screen to view module information.
    • Optional: Edit the State Table.

    • Optional: Add custom logic.

    • Optional: Add break conditions.

  5. Simulate a system (Simulating a System).

  6. Define hardware (Defining Hardware).

  7. Press File > Save to save the CAF.