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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The available features of the tool can differ depending on the version or release mode you are using. The Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) includes an About Tool dialog box that provides basic information on your tool. You can view this dialog box by selecting the Help menu, then opening About Tool. The following table provides descriptions of the information in this dialog box.

Table 1. About Tool Dialog Box
Field Description
Tool Version Indicates the build of the tool.
File Information Version Indicates the current version of the opened CAF. If no CAF is open, the description is File Not Open.
Release Information Indicates the database version of the Release Mode.
Mode Name Indicates the name of the current Release Mode for the tool.
Build Number Indicates the database build of the current Release Mode.
Build Date Indicates the date of the database build.
Installer Version Indicates the build of the installer for the tool.