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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The Miscellaneous selections provide binary inputs for the Energy Hold Off Determination and Unit Enable Determination State Generators.

The selection options for Miscellaneous are:

  • Energy Hold Off Switch: This option allows the unit to shut down based on the energy hold off Hardware Input (BI). If Energy Hold Off is selected in the Optional Features (FC) section, then the Hardware Input or the Network Input can activate the mode. This feature is typically used to shut down the temperature and airflow control when a window or loading door is open (for example, a window switch).

  • Unit Enable Switch: This option determines whether the application operates based on the Hardware Input (BI). If Unit Enable is selected in the Optional Features (FC) section, then when the Network Input does not have a valid command from the network, it is considered unreliable (and the unit is enabled). If both BI and BV are selected, the state of both must be Enable for the unit to operate (that is, either input can be in a shutdown state to cause the unit to stop).