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See the Defining Hardware section.

Table 1. Hardware Definition - Network Settings Tab



Field Device & Bus Settings

Information for the selected field device.

  • Model: Displays the device model.
  • Device Name: Name you entered in the New Device dialog box.
  • Computer Name: Network hostname of the device. 1
  • Device Address: Address of the field device. 2
  • Controller Number: Combined value of the rotary switches or DIP switches on the device.2
  • DHCP Enabled Check box: Enables or disables the dynamic IP address.1When the DHCP Check box is disabled or not checked the static IP fields are editable.
    • IP Address: Displays the IP address of the field device.1

    • IP Mask: Displays the Subnet mask used for the IP address.1

    • IP Router Address: IP address of the router for the field device.1

  • Instance Number (BACnet ID): BACnet® ID number. This value is the same value used in the Peer Reference attribute in the Details View.
  • Advanced Button: Opens the Advanced dialog box to edit the BACnet Localization and Baud Rate parameters. See Advanced Dialog Box for details.

SA Bus Device Settings

Information for the SA Bus devices.

  • Name: Displays the device name.
  • Address: Displays the address of the SA Bus device.
    Note: The Address listed here for the Cooler/Freezer/Zone NetSensor device must match the DIP switch setting of the actual installed device. Refer to the device documentation for further details.
  • Type: Displays the hardware component connected to the SA Bus. I/O Modules, Network Sensors (Network Duct Sensors, Network Zone Sensors, or Network CO2 Sensors), Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Transmitter and Probe Assemblies (Network Cooler/Freezer Sensors), Wireless Sensors (Network Zone Sensors), and Network VSDs are the available types.
Note: Wireless Sensors and Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Transmitter and Probe Assemblies are considered Network Zone Sensors.


Closes the dialog box and applies the changes.

Opens the Help system.

1 Appears only for IP devices.
2 Appears only for compatible devices.