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See the Defining Hardware section.

Table 1. Hardware Definition—Controller Selection Tab



Field Device

Name of the device.


Opens the Field Device Selection Dialog Box to select the device.

SA Bus Devices

Lists all the SA Bus Devices assigned to the Field Device.

Add Device

Opens the SA Bus Device Selection Dialog Box to select your SA Bus device.


Deletes the selected device from the SA Bus Devices field.


Opens the Modify Points dialog box to add points to your SA Bus device.

Note: You can only add points to an SA Bus device if the device is a Network Sensor (Network Duct Sensor, Network Zone Sensor, or Network CO2 Sensor), Wireless Refrigerator/Freezer Temperature Transmitter and Probe Assemblies (Network Cooler/Freezer Sensors), Wireless Sensor (Network Zone Sensor), or a Network VSD.

Hardware Slot Summary

Requirements of the system you select. The Hardware Slot Summary displays the hardware requirements of the system in the CAF, the hardware capacity of the selected devices (Selected Hardware), unused space, and available space (Unused/Available Space).

When the CAF exceeds the capacity of the selected hardware, the field turns red to indicate an additional hardware device is needed to support System Selections.

Category: System Requirements, Selected Hardware, and Unused and Available points.

The Hardware Slot Summary is the summary of points prior to mapping all points.

The Hardware Slot Summary includes the following types:
  • UI: Universal Inputs 1 , 2
  • AI: Analog Inputs
  • BI: Binary Inputs
  • UO/CO: Universal Outputs/Configurable Outputs 3
  • AO: Analog Outputs3
  • BO: Binary Outputs3
  • RO: Relay Outputs3 , 4

For information on signal types used by these points, see Object Naming and Signal Preferences.


Closes the dialog box.

Opens the Help system.

1 The UI is scanned once per second. There may be a delay of up to one second in reading a contact status change.
2 The UI on VAV Box Controllers does not support the 4-20 mA signal.
3 Incremental outputs use two binary hardware slots for opening and closing an actuator.
4 You can use Relay Outputs to drive incremental/floating 3-wire actuators; however, we recommend using triac outputs instead of Relay Outputs for the following control loop types: VAV Flow Control, Airflow, Airflow %, Airflow Diff, Bldg Static, and Duct Static.