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About this task

The Point Assignment screen appears when you select the Point Assignment tab in the Define Hardware dialog box. See Selecting a device (Controller Selection tab).

The tool automatically assigns the points based on the selections made in the Controller Selection tab. Points that it could not assign appear in the Unassigned Points list. You need to assign the points in the Unassigned Points list.
Note: SA Bus devices are not part of the point assignment process. See Modifying Points on an SA Bus Device.

You must have an application (CAF file) open to assign points.

Note: You may also need to reassign points after you change hardware. If you change hardware, verify that your point assignments have not changed.


  • In the Define Hardware dialog box, select the Point Assignment tab.
  • Assign your points. Use the right arrow to assign a point to an object. Use the left arrow to unassign a point from an object. Use drag-and-drop functionality to move a point up and down the Assigned Points list.
    • The slider bar between the Unassigned Points and Assigned Points lists has left and right arrows that allow you to achieve the desired view. Click the arrows to show/hide the lists. If you click the slider bar and drag it to the desired location, clicking the left/right arrows returns the view to the location from where you moved the slider bar. Clicking the left/right arrows a second time shows/hides the entire list.
    • An alert message appears if you attempt to move a point to an invalid location and the point remains in its original location.
  • Click Close.