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The Define Hardware dialog box includes six tabs that can be viewed and edited in any order.

Controller Selection

The controller selection tab is where you select field and SA bus devices for your defined application.

Note: If a warning message appears after selecting a field device, see Troubleshooting.

Point Assignment

The point assignment tab is where you assign the applications' input and output points to specific hardware locations on the field and SA bus devices.

Network Settings

The Network Settings tab is where you create hardware device addresses for the field and SA bus devices.


Packages contain the firmware for each hardware device, which can be assigned to applications you create. After installing or upgrading the tool, the tool adds all available packages that are included with the media and then manages the package files during your initial session in the tool. The tool automates the installation and upgrade process for package files to eliminate the need for manual management.

The Packages tab is available when the application launches and is used to deliver updated or new package files through the import function. This import capability allows you to update the available hardware family without the need to re-release the entire tool.

Default Controllers

Once packages have been established in your tool environment, use the Default Controller tab to select which controllers are applied by default to a system type. Like the Packages tab, this function is available when the application is first launched.

If no packages are added to your tool environment, an Artificial I/O Device or Artificial Field Device default package is automatically assigned to a System Type so that you can still create and simulate an application.

N2 Mapping

The N2 Mapping tab is used to create, remove, modify, and view application point mapping for an N2 compatible controller. See the N2 Compatibility Options chapter for more information.