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Controller Configuration Tool
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  1. Start the tool and open the controller application.
  2. Select the Display widget.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Locate the Display Pages panel.
  5. In the local controller display area, click Auto Populate (). Pre-configured local controller display data appears in the Display Pages Tree.
    • In the local controller display area, you can hover over the tool tip () to see more information about DIS1710 and other display configuration standards.
    • Auto Populate may also be used for MAP. In this case, you can rename any folder and add any amount of User Defined Pages to the display.
  6. Copy points from the Display Pages tree, and then paste to the Idle page to manage the Idle Page points. Points may also be moved between folders by dragging and dropping them.
    Note: See Defining Display page and Idle page order to manage the order of Idle Page points in the Display.
  7. Select points for read-only display. See Selecting Points for Read-Only Display.
  8. Click Apply. The display configuration is saved. This change becomes effective after you transfer the application to the controller. See Transferring the Application of the Display Device.