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About this task

System Selection makes all the necessary state configurations required for your system. You do not need to review state configurations if you are not modifying logic after selecting the system.

To view and modify State Selection tables:


  1. Click the State Table tab in the Features panel. The State Selection tab appears with the system’s state selection data populated within tables in the right pane, and the states in the left pane of the screen. The panes allow you to scroll both vertically and horizontally, keeping the first column visible. See the State Selection (State Tables Tab) screen section.
    • The individual tables in the State Tables are the State Generators (yellow heading) and the turquoise column headings are the Output Controllers. See State Tables in the Perspectives section and Control Tab Application Example in the User Interface section.
    • Each State Generator state has a corresponding Output Controller state. The States column lists the states from highest priority to lowest priority in descending order from top to bottom. An asterisk (*) appearing instead of a valid Output Controller state indicates that the current State Generator has no interaction with the Output Controller, and the Output Controller is controlled by the next highest priority State Generator showing a valid Output Controller state. An * also indicates that the field should not be modified unless certain control specifications are required.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. To change the Output Controller state for a given State Generator state, click the cell and select the Output Controller state from the drop-down menu.
  4. To change the hierarchy of the State Generators (reordering tables), in the right pane, click the up or down arrow to the left of the corresponding State Selection Table until the tables appear in the desired order.
    Note: After making a change, the border around the State Selection Table appears green if the changes are OK. The border appears red when there are problems with the changes made.
  5. Click Apply.
    Note: At least one of the rows in a state table for an input must have all of its options defined to prevent an Output Controller from having an unreliable mode input.

    See the Customizing State Selection Tables section for making changes for custom applications.