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About this task

By default, all ports are exposed for connection. You cannot remove the selection for connected ports because the ports are disabled in the Expose Ports for Connection dialog box.


  1. On the Features panel, click Connections.
  2. Click Expose Ports. The Expose Ports for Connection dialog box appears.
    • Some items in the lists may appear disabled because they are automatically exposed for connection and cannot be changed, or if they are already connected.
    • Some items, such as a block within an activity, may not appear in the Connections view. For these items, you can expose ports by right-clicking a block and selecting Expose Ports For Connection
  3. In the Filter box, enter part or all of the node name.
  4. Select ports to expose (or remove the selection on ports to hide) from the Input Port List and Output Port List sections of the dialog box, using the Select All and Deselect All buttons as necessary, and click OK.