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About this task

System selection makes all the necessary connections required for your system. You do not need to review connections if you are not modifying logic after selecting the system.

To view and modify connections:


  1. Click the Connections widget. The connection data for the entire application, or the selected module’s connection data, appears in the Connections tab. See Connections in the Perspectives section.
    Note: You can select multiple modules (within a module category) to view connections on the selected modules at once. Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the modules. A table appears in the Connections area for each module selected.

    The State Selector connections are shown by default when you click the Connections table. If you select other modules in the Control View and the State Selector connections do not appear, click Show State Selector, or click Show All to return to the default view.

    In the Logic View, you can select a module in the Activities tree to view the connections for the selected module.

    To return to the default view, showing all module connections, on the Connections table, click Show All.

  2. See Exposing Ports for Connection, Making a Connection, Changing a Connection, and Breaking a Connection.