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Controller Configuration Tool
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About this task

For information on the types of systems you can create and details on the selections available, see the User Interface and Applications sections.

To select a system (create a new system):


  1. On the File menu, select New. The New System dialog box appears.
  2. Select an Intended Field Device and a Release Mode, and then click Ok.
    Note: If you select a device, the Release Mode list defaults to the earliest switchable release mode that is applicable to that device. A release mode does not appear in the list if it is incompatible with a field device. Similarly, if a field device is incompatible with a release mode it is grayed out. A status message appears if there are no available release modes for the selected field device.
  3. Select the Online Library option to download customized CAF files along with a sequence of operation, flow diagram, and points list.
    Note: This feature is available to Technician licensed users only.
  4. In the System Name field, enter a name for the system. Invalid characters include:

    : * ? " < > | / [ ] # @

  5. From the System Type list, select a type.
  6. From the System Configuration list, select a type, if the options appear.
  7. From the System of Units list, select Imperial or Metric.
    Note: After setting the units and closing the tool, the units that you select are recorded, and are selected the next time that you use the tool. See Unit Preferences in the Setting Preferences section.
  8. To cancel the current action and restart the process, click Change Release Mode, otherwise click OK. The System Selection Wizard appears with the Mechanical System Selection screen active. See the System Selection Tree section for information on tree behavior and use (for example, how to use the check boxes, radio buttons, and the + and - next to a node in the tree to show and hide selections).
  9. Select the mechanical options for your system, then click Next.
  10. Select the control logic options for your system, then click Finish. Your selection is applied to your system, and the wizard closes.
    • If you wish to create specialized applications outside of the options available in the standard system selection trees, see the Creating Custom Applications section.
    • As you make selections in the System Selection Wizard, you can press F1 to view the Help screen. The Help screen displays the module Help section of the item you are viewing and changes as you select different items in the wizard. Click the links on the Help screen to view module information.