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Note: You can designate default input and output signals before creating systems from the Signal column in the Naming and Signal Preferences screen.
With the Modify Signal feature's Select Signal Type table, users have advanced signal type selection capabilities. The tool analyzes hardware points, available ports, and typical recommendations to compile a table of best-fit signal types for a standard-application user's inputs and outputs. Custom-application users are not limited to standard signal type recommendations and can select unique signal types to better meet system needs.
Note: If you are creating a standard application we suggest sorting signal types by the Device Supported column.

To change an input or output signal:


  1. Right-click the input or output module points and select Modify Signal. The Select Signal Type window appears. See the Modify Signal (Input or Output) screen section.
  2. Select the Signal Definition row to highlight the new signal type. To determine how the table is populated, see the Setting Preferences section for details.

    Wireless Ethernet Network Tips:

    • For inputs such as Temperature, Setpoint, Warm/Cool Adjust, and Temp Occ, select the Wireless Ethernet signal.
    • Make sure you remove any unused Network Sensor (Network Duct Sensor, Network Zone Sensor, or Network CO2 Sensor) inputs or outputs from the system.
  3. If the new selected signal type is on the Sensor/Actuator Bus, click the Device Assignment drop-down box and select one of the following:
    • To an existing device: Choose this option to assign the input or output point with a Network Sensor that exists in your CAF.
      Note: If you select To an existing device, select the specific device you want to assign the point to from the Device table below the Device Assignment drop-down box.
    • To a new device: Choose this option to create a new device and then assign the input or output point to the new device.
  4. Click Update. The Select Signal Type window closes and the point updates.