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To export a module, click the Export Module button from the Logic View toolbar, or right-click within the white space of the Logic diagram and select Export Module. The module currently displayed in the logic diagram and its children are added to the Custom folder in the palette. You may need to close and reopen the CAF for the folder and modules to appear.

By default, the exported module is saved in a file in the C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\MetasysIII\<Product Name>\UI\Custom Control Modules directory on your computer using the current name of the module with a .caf.module file extension. You can specify a different name for the file, and specify a different directory; however, only exported modules saved to the default directory are available for use in the tool.

You can share this file with other users. Place a copy of the file in the Custom Control Modules directory on a different computer, and the module appears in the Custom folder in the palette the next time the tool is started on that computer. You can add the custom module by dragging it into the Logic diagram of an existing module or Activity. You also can right-click a module category in the Control view and select New, and then add the custom module from the Module Selection dialog box.

Important: When sharing a custom module created with a version prior to Release 5.0, you must verify that the PID and PID Pre-Processor logic blocks are updated to Release 5.1 or later. See Upgrading Custom Control Modules in the Upgrading System Files section.

When sharing a custom module created at the current release with a computer using a previous release of the tool, you must verify that the module does not contain any logic blocks introduced in the later release (for example, the Statistics block introduced at Release 5.1).

For information on upgrading modules, rerunning system selection, and other versioning details, see the Upgrading System Files section.

You can import or use the module by adding the module the same way you add other modules. See the Adding a Module and Selecting a Block from the Control Block Palette sections.