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The State Tables tab appears in the Features panel. See Features Panel and Features Panel Screen in the User Interface section.

Each table shows the behavior that occurs when its corresponding State Generator module is in a particular state (the State Generator Module in State X yields the behavior of the Output Controller). The State Tables tab displays the system’s state selection data populated within tables in the right pane, and the states in the left pane of the tab. The panes allow you to scroll both vertically and horizontally, keeping the first column visible. See the Viewing and Modifying State Selection Tables and Customizing State Selection Tables sections for more information.

Table 1. State Selection (State Tables Tab)




Enters Edit mode and allows you to modify the State Tables.


Applies the changes and exits the Edit mode.


Exits the Edit mode without applying the changes.

View Details

Opens Details dialog box for State Selection.

Module Name and Port (Yellow or Orange Table Captions)

Name of the State Generator module in which the state table is associated. The module name is followed by the connected port in the following format: Module Name.Port (for example, Start Stop Sequencing DA-T.STARTSTOP-STATE).
Note: A yellow table header indicates a connected module and orange indicates that the module is not connected.

State Column (Shaded Column Headers)

Lists the states of the State Generator module from highest priority to lowest priority.
Note: This is the fixed column that appears in the left pane of the tab.

Output Controller Columns (Turquoise Column Headers)

Indicates the name of the Output Controller module state in which the column is associated.
Note: These columns appear in the right pane of the tab.

Table Rows (White with Text or Shaded with Asterisks or Xs)

White table rows with text indicate the Output Controller state value/behavior associated with the State Generator state. Shaded table rows with asterisks or Xs indicate that when the State Generator module is in a particular state, no behavior change occurs, and the Output Controller module checks for the next State Generator state listed. An X also indicates that the field should not be modified unless certain control specifications are required.

Up and Down Arrows

Moves a state generation table up or down in the order. The tables appear in order of priority where the top most table has the highest priority.

Opens the Help system.

State Selection Module Help (F1)

Opens the module Help.