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Controller Configuration Tool
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Use the System Selection Wizard to identify mechanical equipment, its related control components, and the control strategy. The Mechanical System Selection screen allows you to choose the mechanical components for your system, such as actuator type or fan type. Use the Control Logic Selection screen to select the control logic strategies to control the mechanical system.

When creating a new system, use the File > New option to open the New System dialog box, which allows you to specify a release mode and select compatible field devices. You are also prompted to specify the name of the system and to choose the desired system type and configuration. After completing this dialog box, the System Selection Wizard opens prompting you to make the selections corresponding to your system. See the Selecting a System (Creating a New System) section.

The New System dialog box also provides access to the Online Library, a resource that enables users to download, publish and share CAF Files, Controller Templates, Equipment Definitions, and CCT Modules. This feature is only available to Technician licensed users.

Use the Select System button to open the System Selection Wizard and to review and make changes to previously made selections. Any customization changes you make are lost because these selections overwrite the previous selections. See the Viewing and Modifying System Selections section.

See the System Types and Configurations and System Selection Tree sections.

Click Sideloop to open a System Selection Wizard specific to defining a sideloop. See the Creating a Sideloop and Sideloop Applications sections for more information.