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The System Selection Wizard has a Mechanical System Selection screen and Control Logic Selection screen containing selection tree/folder structures for selecting system options.

The selection trees contain folders that you can expand and collapse, check boxes, and radio buttons. The check boxes let you include or exclude an option. The radio buttons let you select one option from a list. Click the + and - next to a node in the tree to show and hide selections.

When you select a parent node in the selection tree, its child nodes become available for selection. You cannot select a child node without first selecting its parent node.

Nodes are tied together logically so that if you select a node option, another node option activates or deactivates accordingly. This functionality helps prevent you from making selections that are not used together. For example, in the VAV Single Duct Selection Tree’s Mechanical System Selection screen, when you choose Box Heating as Electric Staged, the Hot Water option is disabled.

Another example is if you choose Discharge Air Control for Temperature Control Strategy on an Air Handling Unit system, the Discharge Air Temperature sensor on the Control Logic Selection portion of the wizard is disabled. The Discharge Air Temperature sensor is disabled because a Discharge Air Temperature sensor is required for the control strategy, and is automatically selected.

Nodes in the selection tree that do not have check boxes and radio buttons are options that are automatically selected by the wizard. These nodes are required for a system such as a Fan for a Fan Coil application or a Zone Temperature Sensor for any Terminal Unit Control application.

The tree selections provided for each system type define commonly expected system configurations and control strategies. The default selections are simply a place to start. You can customize these configurations, if necessary.
Note: As you make selections in the System Selection Wizard, you can press F1 to view the Help screen. The Help screen displays the module Help section of the item you are viewing and changes as you select different items in the wizard. Click the links on the Help screen to view module information.