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Controller Configuration Tool
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Use the Control View Connections option in the Activities tree on the Logic View to view the logic of the entire application. This option is available in all modes of operation.

You cannot edit logic using this feature. Use this feature to view and print application logic. You can use standard Logic View options such as select, pan, zoom, Trace mode, and print. When you are viewing application logic, the Control Block palette, the Set Default Element button, and the Export Module button do not appear.

The application logic diagram is organized in the same order as the Control View columns. The modules flow from the left side of the screen to the right side in the following order: Network Inputs, Inputs, and Miscellaneous (Inputs); Setpoint/Miscellaneous modules; State Generation modules; Output Control modules; and lastly, Network Outputs, Outputs, and Miscellaneous (Outputs).

See the Viewing and Printing Application Logic section.