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Controller Configuration Tool
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Configuring a system involves opening or selecting a system, modifying a system, and defining hardware for a system. You can open an existing CAF in the tool using the Open option from the File menu, select a new system using the System Selection Wizard, or transfer a Controller Application File from an existing device to a computer.

Before selecting a new system using the System Selection Wizard, you can optionally set naming preferences and System Selection Wizard defaults to customize to your specific needs. See the Setting Preferences section for more information.

If you use a Johnson Controls standard file or the System Selection Wizard, you can create systems in the tool according to common system configurations. We recommend using Johnson Controls standards whenever possible. If your system requires customization outside what is provided by the Johnson Controls standards, you can create custom control logic in the tool by adding, removing, and modifying items.

This section covers how to add and configure a system in Configuration mode. For information on transferring a Controller Application File, see the Transfer Operations section. See the Simulating a System and Defining Hardware sections after configuring your system.

For information about the user interface, see the User Interface section. For information about the types of systems you can create and details on the selections available, see the Applications sections.

See the Setpoint/Miscellaneous Modules, State Generation Modules, and Output Control Modules sections for information on the modules in the tool and the applications in which they are used.

Before performing tasks in the tool, see the Getting Started section for guidance.