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About this task

To view live trend sample data, you must be in Commissioning mode.


  • Start the tool and open the controller application.
  • Click the Advanced tab or widget. The Advanced Object tree and information screen appear.
  • Click Trends. A list of trends appears under the Trends folder and in the table in the right pane.
    Note: The number of samples you can view appears next to Trends in the Advanced Object tree. For example, the values of (500 / 24000) next to the Trends folder means that 500 samples have been configured out of a total of 24,000 possible.
  • In the table on the right pane, select the check box next to the trend you want to view. The right pane populates with the trend data.
    • You can switch between showing trends in a chart view or table view in the right-pane. To show the chart view, click . To show a table view, click .
    • For multiple trends, click to view multiple trend data on the same y-axis. Click to view each trend on a separate y-axis.