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Controller Configuration Tool
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About this task

This feature is used only for controllers that are not Metasys® or Facility Explorer® supervisory controllers.


  1. Start the tool and open the controller application.
  2. Click the Advanced tab. The Advanced Object tree and information screen appear.
  3. In the Notifications folder under Intrinsic Alarming, click Notification. The Notification window appears.
  4. Click Edit. The fields you can edit appear in white.
  5. Edit the parameters of the notification. See Notification Recipient Screen.
  6. To define device recipients of the notification, do the following:
    1. Click the Add button next to Recipient List. The Recipients screen appears.
    2. Click Add. The Notification Recipient screen appears. See Notification Recipient Screen.
    3. Select the type of recipient you want to add by specifying the following options:

      ID: Notify a specific device ID (Instance Number or BACnet ID).

      IPbAddress: Notify a specific IP address for the device.

      Broadcast: Broadcast the alarm or event.

      MS/TP Address: Notify another controller.

    4. Enter the parameters for the device you selected. See Notification Recipient Screen.
    5. Using the Sunday through Saturday check boxes, select the days you want the notification to be active.
    6. Using the time bar, adjust the time that you want the notification to be active. Typically, you select all days.
    7. Select the type of events and alarms that generate notifications: Off Normal, Fault, or Normal.
    8. Indicate whether you want Notification messages to be confirmed. This field determines whether the destination BACnet device acknowledges receiving the event. In general, keep this setting as Confirmed. However, if you have selected Broadcast as the recipient type, click Unconfirmed.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Click Save.
  7. Click Apply.