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Use the Event Log - Details tab to set up the behavior of the Event Log - Events tab information. Use the Event Log - Events tab to view events. You can only view the Events tab when you are in Commissioning mode. See Viewing Event Logs.

Table 1. Event Log - Details Tab





Indicates the name of the event log.


Indicates the description of the event log.


Indicates if the event log is enabled (True) or disabled (False).

Object Identifier

Indicates the read-only BACnet object identifier for the event object.


Buffer Size

Specifies the maximum number of records the event buffer can hold. This value is the total number of events that appear in the Event View during commissioning. The default value is 100 (maximum number of records).

You can only edit the buffer size in Configuration mode.

Reliability Indicates if the Event Log is reliable.
Status Flags Indicates Event Log status: In Alarm, Fault, Overridden, OutOfService.

Start Time

Specifies the time and date to enable logging when the Enabled attribute is set to True.

Stop Time

Specifies the time and date to disable logging.

Stop When Full

Specifies whether logging ceases when the buffer is full. When set to True, logging ceases and all accumulated samples remain in the buffer. When set to False, logging continues.

Total Record Count Indicates the total number of events in the log. You can view this value in the Details panel during Commissioning mode.
BACnet Intrinsic Alarming

Intrinsic Alarming Defined

Enables (True) or disables (False) BACnet intrinsic alarming for this object.

Acked Transitions Indicates if the Event Log has acknowledgment transitions pending.

Event Enable

Determines whether notifications are enabled for To Off Normal, To Fault, or To Normal events.

Event State Indicates the current state of the event log.
Last Notify Record

Indicates the sequence number associated with the most recently collected record whose collection triggered a notification.

Notification Class

Specifies the notification class used for handling and generating event notifications for this object.

Notify Threshold

Indicates when notification occurs based on the value of the Records Since Notification attribute.

Notify Type

Indicates if the notifications generated by the object are Events or Alarms.

Records Since Notify

Indicates if the notifications generated by the object are Events or Alarms. This attribute is required if the object supports intrinsic reporting.

Table 2. Event Log - Events Tab (Commissioning Mode Only)




Indicates the time of the event occurrence.


Indicates the object that event is associated with.

To State

Indicates the type of event state: Normal, Off Normal, High Limit, or Fault.


Indicates the importance of the event message and determines when the event message appears. Event messages with a lower priority number are of a higher importance or are more critical than event messages with a higher priority number.

Event Time

Indicates the time of occurrence of the last event transition.


Indicates the value of the event or alarm. For example, On or Off, or 80 degrees.


Indicates the unit of measurement for the event or alarm value.


Indicates the body of the alarm or event message.