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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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About this task

You can issue Hardware Commands on inputs and outputs in the Commissioning mode. Hardware Commands send commands (for example, adjust or override) as if you performed them through the Supervisory Controller or Server online user interface. Hardware commands are not released when you leave Commissioning mode. The value is retained in the system at the priority level commanded. You can view and clear the command from the Supervisory Controller or Server online user interface or from the Hardware Command option in this tool.


  1. In the Control view, right-click an input, miscellaneous input, output, or miscellaneous output. The right-click menu appears.
  2. Select Hardware Commands. The attribute’s specific command dialog box appears.
    Note: Data polling stops when you are in the Command dialog box. Data polling immediately resumes when the Command dialog box is closed.
  3. Make your selections.
  4. Click Send.