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Controller Configuration Tool
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See the Viewing Online Operations section.

For information on viewing Online Operations from the Configuration mode, see the Configuring a System section.

Table 1. Online Operations Dialog Box



Computer Name 1 Network hostname of the device.

Instance Number

BACnet ID number.

DHCP Enabled1 Displays whether DHCP is enabled for the device.
IP Address1 IP Address for the device.
IP Mask1 Subnet mask used for the IP address.
IP Router Address1 IP address of the router for the field device.
BBMD Enabled Displays the Enabled status of the Broadcast Management (BBMD) object. You can configure this in the Advanced tab. For further information, see Broadcast Management (BBMD) Object Screen.
Controller Number 2 Combined value of the rotary switches or DIP switches on the device.


Name of the controller.


Description of the controller.


Model number of the controller.

Bootcode Version

Bootcode version of the controller.

Maincode Version

Maincode version of the controller.

System Name

System name of the controller.

CPU Usage

CPU usage of the controller.

Object Memory Usage

Memory usage of the controller.


Status of the controller.

Radio Firmware Version 3

Firmware version of the wireless device.

Radio IEEE Address3

IEEE address of the wireless device.

Device Address

Device address of the controller.

Unbound References

Unbound references of the device.

FC Communication Mode On compatible devices, indicates the following field bus communication: N2 Subordinate, Wired, Wireless, and Ethernet.

Pan Offset3

Pan ID of the wireless devices.

Logic Enabled

Logic status of an application configured in Transfer to Device (Download) . A status of True indicates that the logic of an application is enabled; a status of False indicates that the logic of an application is disabled. To modify the Logic Enabled status, see Online Operations.

Note: The logic options do not take effect on the controller until the application is activated.

Background Transfer Status

Status of an application transferred using the Transfer to Device (Download) option. A status of Idle indicates that the application is activated in the controller; a status of Files are Staged indicates that the application has yet to be activated. To activate pending files, see Online Operations.

SA Bus Status

Click this option to view the status of all SA Bus devices. See Transfer to Device Wizard for more information.


Updates the Online Operations Wizard.


Closes the Online Operations Wizard.

Table 2. Actions



Show diagnostic log

Opens the device error log for a selected controller. Diagnostic information is provided for troubleshooting advanced issues with your field support representative.
Enable logic On supported devices, enables the runtime logic of applications in a device.
Disable logic On supported devices, disables the runtime logic of applications in a device.
Note: To view and modify the status of the logic value during device commissioning, click on the System Info link in the status bar. See System Information Details Dialog for more information.
Perform Action Performs the action specified in the adjoining list.


Refreshes the result screen allowing user to re-query controller status.


Closes the wizard.

1 Appears only for IP devices.
2 Appears only for compatible devices.
3 Appears only when wirelessly connected.