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  • Chiller Current Limit Adjustment(s): This option generates an Analog Output (AO) to each chiller to command the current limit through the BAS. This selection also changes the default value to an input on the Chiller Selector.

    • User Defined Limit: This option allows you to specify the limit (defaults to 60%). When adding any chiller (including the first chiller), the Capacity Limit output for all running chillers is restricted to the Capacity Limit User Input for the Capacity Limit Hold Time, after which the output releases back to 100% (no limit).

    • Automatic: The Chiller Selector determines the limit. When adding the first device, the Capacity Limit output is not restricted (100%). When adding any additional device, the Capacity Limit output of all running chillers ramps from 100% down to the Current Percent Load (defaults to 50%) in half the Capacity Limit Hold Time. At the end of the Capacity Hold Time, the Capacity Limit output releases back to 100%.