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These selections provide the logic for the basic Temperature Control Strategy for the application. The Discharge Air Control options (fixed setpoint and Reset from Outdoor Air Temperature) provide air to separately controlled zones. The Zone or Return Control options directly control a single zone (whether the sensor is in the zone or in the return duct). For single zone control, the application can be optionally configured to control the Discharge Air Temperature to a setpoint reset based on the Zone or Return Air Temperature.

The selection options for Temperature Control Strategy are:

  • Discharge Air Control

    • Reset from Outdoor Air Temperature

  • Zone or Return Control

    • Discharge Air Temperature Reset by Zone or Return

    • Cycle During Occupied

    • Return Air Temperature

    • Zone Temperature

      • Setpoint Adjust

        • Common Setpoint Adjust

        • Warm Cool Adjust

      • Temp Occ Support

    • Summer/Winter Compensation Setpoint Shift

If Discharge Air Temperature Reset by Zone or Return is selected, Cycle During Occupied cannot be selected.