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Shutdown Strategy describes how you want the coil to behave when the unit is shut down.
  • Off sends a 0% command to the coil and stops a coil pump (if you have one).

  • Remain in Control has the same control loop that controls the coil while the unit is operating during loss of airflow.
    Note: The Remain in Control Shutdown Strategy is available only when you select a proportional valve (with either Proportional or Incremental actuator).
  • Protect Coil Based on Outdoor Air Temperature opens the valve, as needed, when the outdoor air falls below the low limit setpoint. This strategy can protect the air handler coils during extreme temperatures.

  • Low OA Temperature - Leaving Water Control modulates the valve during times of low OA temperature to maintain a leaving water temperature of 45 °F.

  • User Defined Position commands the valve to a pre-defined position while the unit is in shutdown mode.