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These selections provide the logic for the Economizer Damper(s). If no economizer control (also known as Free Cooling) is required, these options should not be selected (use Two Position Min OA Damper instead).

The selection options for Economizer Damper(s) are:

  • Common Proportional Mixed Air Damper Output

  • Separate Proportional Outputs (3 AOs)

  • EAD & RAD Proportional

    • Separate Outputs

    • Common Output

    • Two Position OAD

  • OAD & RAD Proportional

    • Separate Outputs

    • Common Output

    • Two Position EAD

  • Economizer Suitability

    • Network Command

    • Enthalpy Switch (BI)

    • Outdoor Air

      • Dry Bulb Temp Economizer

      • Temp & Enthalpy Economizer

      • Outdoor Air versus Return Air: This option compares outdoor air with return air to switch the economizer.

  • Outdoor, Exhaust, or both Air Damper Minimum Position Reset by CO2 Sensor

    • Use Zone CO2 Sensor

    • Use Return CO2 Sensor

  • Damper Minimum Position Reset by OA Flow

    • Velocity Pressure (Pitot Tube)

    • Flow Measurement (Scaled)

Per ASHRAE Guideline16-2003 - Selecting Outdoor, Return, and Relief Dampers for Air-Side Economizer Systems, OAD & RAD Proportional with Separate Outputs is required if Variable Speed Relief Fan (Building Static Press Control) is selected.

OAD & RAD Proportional is only allowed if Variable Speed Return Fan Volume Matching is selected.