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These selections provide the logic to control a Reheat coil.

The selection options for Coils (Reheat) are:


Reheat Lockout from Outdoor Air

Staged Heating

  • Device Rotation

  • No Flow Lockout: This option loads the flow switch for staged heating. The current loss of airflow sequencer provides the proper behavior.

  • High Temperature Lockout: This option turns off staged heating when a High Temperature alarm occurs.

  • Number of Stages

    • One Stage

    • Two Stages

    • Three Stages

    • Four Stages

    • Five Stages

    • Six Stages

    • Seven Stages

    • Eight Stages

Hot Water or Steam

  • Proportional Output

    • Two Valves

  • Incremental Output

  • Entering Water Temperature

  • Leaving Water Temperature

  • Both Pressure/Flow & Low Temp Circulation: This option combines the existing two sequences to start the pump either when the valve command exceeds zero or when the outdoor air temperature drops below the setpoint.
  • Dual Pumps: This option adds a second coil pump to operate in a duty/standby configuration.
    • Rotate to Balance Runtime: When you select this option with Dual Pumps, the application automatically shifts the lead to the pump with the lowest operating hours.
  • Coil Pump

    • Pressure/Flow Boost

    • Low Temperature Circulation

    • Pump Status

      • Loss of Status Strategy

        • Automatic Restart

        • Manual Restart

          • Unit Reset Switch (BI)

    • Alarm Management

      • Lockout Switch

      • Motor Overload Tripped

        • Automatic Restart

        • Manual Restart

          • Unit Reset Switch (BI)

    • Blocking Protection: This option provides monitoring of the command to a motor (typically a pump). If the command is off for an extended period of time (for example, 7 days), the motor starts for a short time (for example, 30 seconds). This feature prevents blocking (that is, it prevents the motor from seizing up).

  • Shutdown Strategy

    • Off

    • Remain in Control

    • Protect Coil Based on Outdoor Air Temperature

    • User Defined Position

  • Loss of Airflow Strategy

    • Off

    • Remain in Control

    • Protect Coil Based on Outdoor Air Temperature

    • User Defined Position

  • Unreliable Sensor Operation

    • Off

    • Hold

    • Protect Coil Based on Outdoor Air Temperature

    • User Defined Position

  • Analog Gas Coil

    • Include Heating Enable BO

Reheat cannot be selected if Common Heating-Cooling is selected.

The option for Two Proportional Valves is intended for two sequenced steam valves. This option does not support including Face & Bypass Damper or Circulation Pump controls.

The Remain in Control Shutdown Strategy is available only when a proportional valve is selected (with either proportional or incremental actuator).

The Loss of Airflow Strategy options are available only when the Automatic Restart option for the Supply Fan Status Loss of Airflow Strategy is selected.