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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Table 1. Trunk Utilities - Manage Attribute Template Tool



Attribute Template Screen

Browse Button

Use to select the directory and file name of the attribute template file.

Save Button

Prompts you to browse for a directory and type a file name to save the attribute template file.

Devices Table

Available devices, including:
  • Add Device (+): Adds new device to the list.
  • Remove Device (-): Removes selected device from list.
  • Discovered Check Box: Indicates if the device is added due to device discovery (selected box) or added manually (empty box).
  • Device Name: Editable name of the device.
  • Device Address: MS/TP device address.
  • Instance Number: BACnet ID of the device.
    Note: If more than one device has the same Instance Number, the numbers display red in the device list.
  • Selected: Indicates if the device is selected (selected box) or not selected (empty box).
  • Click To Define New Attribute: Opens a tree representation of the application allowing you to select parameters to add to the template file.


Closes the wizard.

Opens the Help system.