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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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Some scenarios require that you upgrade devices or transfer code to the device for the workflow to proceed. These scenarios include the following:

  • You are required to upgrade Point Expansion Modules on the SA Bus to the latest release before you can upgrade the field controller. Figure 1 shows the message that appears notifying you of the mandatory upgrade.
    Figure 1. SA Bus Notification

  • In certain scenarios, you are required to transfer the Boot Code to the controller first, regardless of the code options you have chosen. The workflow does not proceed unless you choose to transfer the Boot Code to the device. Figure 2 shows the notification message of the required transfer to device.
    Figure 2. Boot Code Notification

  • For any controllers requiring an updated main code, the Main Code is automatically transferred to the device, regardless of whether you have chosen the option to transfer Main Code. No message appears to notify you of the transfer to the controller.