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Controller Configuration Tool
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The Read/Write Attributes Online utility allows you to mass edit attributes of online controllers using attribute templates and read/write functionality. Access this utility from the Tools menu by selecting Trunk Utilities > Read/Write Attributes Online. If you select this option when a CAF is not open, you cannot add additional attributes.

This utility has the same Connection and Device Selection screens as the Transfer to Device wizard. See the Transfer Operations section for information on connection types and parameters, and device selection details.

After selecting the devices and working with the attribute template, the utility allows you to open an existing attribute template, edit the attributes, and save the file as a new template. You can then write the attributes back to a single device or multiple devices all at once.

See the Reading and Writing Attributes Online steps and Trunk Utilities - Read/Write Attributes Wizard screens sections for information on the Read/Write Attributes Online utility and how to use it.