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About this task

The Upgrade ZFR1810 Coordinators feature allows you to upgrade and transfer code to multiple ZFR1810 devices on the same trunk. Access this utility from the Tools menu by selecting Wireless > Upgrade ZFR Coordinators. This menu option is only available when a CAF is not open.

After selecting the devices, the utility upgrades and transfers code to the devices in the following order:


  1. Boot Code: Upgrades and transfers the boot code to all selected devices and updates the transfer status.
  2. Radio Code: Upgrades and transfers the radio code to all selected devices and updates the transfer status.

    During the upgrade and transfer to device process, you can use the View Log and View Status options to see the progress.

    • If a ZFR1810 Coordinator has Main Code version earlier than Release 5.0, it should be upgraded.
    • The Force Main Transfer to Device and Force Boot Transfer to Device check boxes allow you to force a main code or boot code transfer to all selected devices.

    See the Upgrade ZFR1810 Coordinators steps and Wireless - Upgrade ZFR Coordinators Wizard screens sections for information on the Upgrade ZFR Coordinators and how to use it.