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Four system selection tree applications are available to configure single duct and dual duct VAV boxes.

Most space configuration scenarios use the VAV single duct or dual duct applications because one VAV single duct or dual duct box controls the temperature and airflow requirements. For spaces that need more than one VAV box to maintain the required airflow, use the VAV slave single duct or slave dual duct applications. For example, typical slave applications may include large conference rooms or classrooms where one zone setpoint is desired, but the size of the space under control dictates the need for more than one VAV box to maintain the space’s airflow requirements. For these spaces, create one single duct or dual duct Master application to provide the temperature control logic for the space, and integrate single duct or dual duct Slave configurations. You can set up the slave configurations to read output points from their associated master application using peer-to-peer communication.

If you are replacing a discontinued N2 based controller, the VAV system selection trees provide compatibility options that configure point mappings similar to the legacy application.
Important: VAV applications limit the MAX CFM Flow to 9,999 with a maximum 9.9 inch inlet connection. Applications will fail download at 99% if configured as a VAV type with CFM values for control and application configuration above 9,999 CFM. For further information see Application Functionality.

See the sections specific to the VAV Application Type:

See the Master and Slave VAV Box Peer-to-Peer Communication section for information on peer-to-peer communication between Master and Slave VAV boxes.

See the N2 Compatibility Options section for more information on setting up your application for N2 compatibility.