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Controller Configuration Tool
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About this task

For details on creating a new system (File > New), see the Configuring a System section.


  1. Open the CAF using one of the following ways:
    • Go to File > Open, browse to the location of the saved CAF, and select the file to open. Click Open.
      Note: The default location of a CAF is C:\Users\<username>.
    • For a recently viewed CAF, go to File > Recent Files and click the file (or use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-0 through Ctrl-9).
    • If the tool is closed, double-click the file in Windows® Explorer. The Tool opens with the selected file.
  2. If you have an application that differs from the current release mode, a dialog box will appear prompting you to choose how to proceed with the file:
    • Select Open for Editing and click Continue to switch the exact mode needed for CAF editing.
    • Select Upgrade to 10.X and click Continue to switch to the 10.X Release Mode and upgrade the CAF.
    • Select Open read-only in 10.X and click Continue to open a CAF version that cannot be edited, except for default values.
  3. If you open an application with an unlicensed device, a dialog box will inform you that you do not have a license to use the device. If you opt to load an application with an unlicensed device, it will be set to Artificial Field Device. Please note that CCT prohibits transfers to unlicensed devices.