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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The status bar displays the hardware assignment indicator, system capacity indicator, system information link, current connection type, connection status, current mode, current perspective, and current release mode.

For details on upgrading a file, see the Upgrading System Files section. For details on the system capacity indicator, including object counts, see System Capacity Indicator. For details, on the system information link, see the System Information Dialog section

The hardware assignment indicator options are:
  • Device Model Name with the MAC Address and Instance Number (Green)

  • Not Assigned (Red)

  • Device Model Name (Unlicensed) with the MAC Address and Instance Number (Red)
    Note: Certain features are disabled for unlicensed devices. Please see the Defining Hardware and the Transfer Operations section for more information.
The connection type options are:
  • Bluetooth

  • NxE Passthru

  • MAP 4.2+/BACnet Router

  • ZigBee

  • Direct Ethernet

The connection status options are:
  • Connecting

  • Connected (Sensor/Actuator Bus)

  • Connected (Field Controller Bus)

  • Disconnected

The current mode status options are:
The perspective name that appears depends on if you are using a default or custom perspective. Custom perspectives appear as the name you have configured. The default perspective options are:
  • Classic View
  • Simple View

The current release mode version is displayed on the end of the status bar.