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The logic diagram appears on the right side of the workspace (Figure 1). The logic diagram consists of logic blocks, their inputs and outputs, and the connections between them. The following figure identifies the main components you may find in a logic diagram.

Figure 1. Logic Diagram (Example)

Connection lines between elements may be visible or hidden. When hidden, each connection has a hidden edge label at the origination point and at each destination point. At the origination point, the hidden edge label may contain two numbers, where the first number indicates the connection number and the second indicates the number of instances. For example, a hidden edge label of 5:7 means there are seven instances of connection number five.

Note: You can change the label of a hidden edge. See Changing the Hidden Edge Label of a Connection in the Configuring a System section.

For each Logic block, you can select one parameter/attribute as the Default Element, which becomes the value that displays dynamic data in Simulation and Commissioning modes.

In some instances in Simulation and Commissioning mode, two values appear next to one another instead of one. The first (left side) value indicates the value the block sends out if the logic were in the state currently being displayed, and the second (right side) value indicates the value being sent out from the block due to the actual state of the logic.

Figure 2 is an example of the CLG-OUTSTATE block in the Water Flush state (highlighted state). Since the current state of the logic is Failsoft, not Water Flush, two values appear next to some connections. The left value is the value that would be expected when the logic enters the Water Flush state (100.00% and Overridden). The right value is the Present Value of the connections (47.89% and Normal).

Figure 2. Double Values in Logic View (Logic State)