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The Control Block palette allows you to select or search for blocks to add to the logic diagram. The Logic View supports drag and drop functionality for adding blocks. For more information on the logic blocks, see Logic . The Palette tree offers immediate text-filtering capabilities which allow you to quickly filter on the name of the node. Parent nodes in the Palette tree display when children nodes match the filter.
Table 1. Logic Blocks

Item/Folder Name



Contains the Launch Wizard and folders of blocks you can add to the logic diagram.

Launch Wizard

Launches the New Module Selection dialog box for the module you have selected in the Activities tree.

Text Contains a text string (up to 400 characters) for display within the logic diagram or in a Control View column (Setpoint/Miscellaneous, State Generation, or Output Control columns). You can define text for different blocks or anywhere within the logic diagram. The Name label of the Text container block appears in the logic diagram or Control View column. View the Details dialog box to view or modify the text string. For example, enter equations or other text that may provide useful information for the application/activity in the logic diagram or Control View.

Activity Inputs

Contains Boolean, float, and enumeration input blocks.

Activity Outputs

Contains Boolean, float, and enumeration output blocks.


Contains blocks that perform Boolean functions on one or more inputs, producing a single output.


Contains blocks that perform various fixed calculations (for example, blocks that control the amount an output can change per control logic execution or extrapolates an output using two inputs for reference).


Contains comparison blocks, such as Greater Than or Not Equal.


Contains blocks that pass a constant value to block inputs.


Contains the Activity and Hybrid Activity blocks that act as containers for other blocks.


Contains blocks that perform or help configure feedback control algorithms (for example, blocks that perform control functions on multiple inputs, producing a single output).


Contains blocks that perform mathematical functions on one or more inputs, producing a single output.

Multi-State Controller

Contains blocks that provide sequencing operations for multi-stage systems.


Contains blocks that perform psychrometric functions on the defined inputs, producing a single output.


Contains Command Hierarchy MUX, and Translation blocks that perform multiplexing for multiple inputs, producing a single output.


Contains the Global Sequencer Configuration Wizard and Sequencer 1 through Sequencer 16. See Sequencers .


Contains blocks that perform statistical functions on multiple inputs producing a single output (with the exception of the Statistics block, which provides multiple location and spread statistic outputs).


Contains blocks that perform timing functions such as Pulse, On Delay, and Off Delay. Timing blocks are used to break up feedback loops.


Contains any exported/shared modules. The Custom folder appears once a module is exported, or a shared module is placed in the Custom Control Modules directory on the computer running the tool.