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About this task

Note: When you upgrade a file, it upgrades to the current release mode of the tool. For example, if you are working in Release Mode 10.2 / Firmware 6.2, the file is upgraded to Release Mode 10.2 / Firmware 6.2. For more information on release modes, see Release Modes.


  1. From the Tools menu, select Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility. The Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility dialog box appears. See the Bulk CAF Upgrade Utility Dialog Box section.
  2. Click the Browse button next to the Directory field. The Select Directory dialog box appears.
  3. Browse to the location in which the CAFs are located on the computer.
  4. Click Open. The path appears in the Directory field.
  5. If the CAFs are located within sub-folders of the selected directory, select the search in sub-directories check box.
    Note: Selecting to search in sub-directories may lengthen the amount of time it takes to load the CAFs into the utility.
  6. Click Load CAF Files. The utility searches the selected directory (and sub-directories, if selected) for existing CAFs, and lists all files found in the List of CAF Files in selected directory section of the utility. An Open status indicates that you can upgrade the file. A No Upgrade Required status indicates that the file is already at the current version.
  7. Select the check box next to each CAF you want to upgrade. To upgrade all files, select the check box in the Selected column heading.
    Note: You can only select CAFs with an Open status.
  8. Click Perform Upgrade. The upgrade process begins with the first item in the list and indicates a status of Upgrade in progress. After upgrading the file, the utility indicates an Upgrade Completed Successfully status and continues to the next file in the list.
    Note: If an incompatible device has been selected for any of the CAFs you are upgrading, the upgrade is not successful and a Missing Field Device error message displays. CAFs with incompatible devices must be upgraded individually (refer to Upgrading a CAF).
  9. Review the status for each file.
  10. Click Close.
    Note: After the upgrade, you must command points back to the previous state. Commands do not persist in the control application file; and when the application transfers to the device, the previous application is deleted from the controller.