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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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See the Release Enhancements and Compatibility section for information on the new features added at this release.

To add new features to an existing application:

  1. Upgrade the CAF to the new release. See the Upgrading a System section.

  2. Reselect the system for the features that are not automatically added to the application by the upgrade procedure:

    1. Export any custom modules. See Importing and Exporting a Module in the Configuring a System section.
    2. Rerun system selection. See the Rerunning System Selection section. This step rebuilds your application with all current tool features.

      Important: When you use Select System to add features, it rebuilds your application in the same manner as building a new application (for example, selecting File > New). All previous user modifications are lost if you make changes to the system selections (lost changes include: sideloops, user added inputs, outputs, network inputs, network outputs, modules, changes in state tables, parameters, logic, and input/output setup). Depending on the original application size, your application size increases from 4 to 8% when you add features using Select System.
    3. Import any custom modules and make connections. See Importing and Exporting a Module and Making a Connection in the Configuring a System section.