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Controller Configuration Tool
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The selection options for Supply Fan are:

  • Single Speed: This option creates a State Generator, Output Controller, and Output to manage the fan.

  • Three Speed: This option creates a State Generator, Output Controller, and three Outputs to manage the low, medium, and high fan speeds. This option also enables the selection for the Fan Speed Adjust option under the Zone Sensors (UV) selection, which is an optional interface for specific Network Sensor models.

  • Variable Speed: This option creates a State Generator and Output Controller to manage both a Binary Output to stop/start the fan and a Proportional Output to vary the speed. If Variable Speed Fan is selected, only Proportional Heating and Cooling Coils can be selected.

  • Fan Control by Others: This option assumes that the supervisory system or local binary switch is directly in control of the fan through a separate hardware interface. A Fan Controlled By Other Binary Input point is created and used in conjunction with a State Generator for Fan Control By Others that turns heating and/or cooling output controllers off if the fan is commanded off.

  • Fan Status: This option creates a monitoring only point that can be used during commissioning or be mapped to the Supervisory system.