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Controller Tool Help

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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The selection options for Sensors/Inputs are:

  • Outdoor Air

  • Mixed Air Temperature

  • Discharge Air Temperature

  • Zone

    • Temperature: A Zone Temperature Input is always provided. All the Zone Temperature options assume that a model of the Network Sensor family is being used for Temperature, the Setpoint Adjust options of Common Setpoint Adjust or Warm Cool Adjust, a Temporary Occupancy Interface from the Network Sensor, the Fan Speed Adjust Option, and Humidity input from the Network Sensor. Refer to the Network Sensors product literature to match the functionality selected for the application with a specific Network Sensor hardware model.

      • Setpoint Adjust
        • Common Setpoint Adjust

        • Warm Cool Adjust

      • Temp Occ Support

      • Fan Speed Adjust

    • Humidity

    • Occupancy: This option provides an Input interface to the logic from a separate Occupancy Sensor.