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The selection options for Occupancy are:

  • Cycle During Occupied: This option configures the Fan Determination (Fan Determination (Terminal Units)) State Generator module’s input for Fan Cycle to a Yes value. Otherwise, the Fan runs continuously during Occupied Mode. This selection is not available if the Fan Controlled By Other option is selected.

    • Cycle Fan with Staged Outputs: This option is only enabled if DX Cooling and/or Electric Staged Coils are selected. This selection interlocks the command of the Multi Stage Controllers with the fan to ensure that only the damper is open and the fan is commanded on only when a stage of cooling or heating is active. This prevents excess intake of high-humidity outdoor air.

  • In Unoccupied Protect Hot Water Coil Based on OAT: This option is only allowed if Scheduled Occupancy and Hot Water Coils are selected. When selected, the heating coil is activated when the unit is off during Unoccupied and the Outdoor Air Temperature is cold. See the Unocc Status Determination with OAT (Unoccupied Sequencing (UV) v100) module description for more information.

  • Turn Fan off on loss of Air Flow: This option is available only when the Fan Status option is selected under the Supply Fan (UV) section.

  • Always Occupied: This option sets the default value of Occupied for the ZN-T Setpoint Determination to Occupied.

  • Scheduled Occupancy: This option creates the interface for the Supervisory system scheduling logic.

    • Override Support: This option creates the local override interfaces from optional Occupancy Sensors or Networked Sensor Temporary Occupancy interfaces.