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The following table describes the attributes used by the Box Flow Test modules.

Table 1. Box Flow Test Attributes


Type 1


Default Value

Damper Percent Cmd


Contains the current value for the command being sent to the damper output. This does not reflect any user-overrides of the actual damper output object or any problems with the actuator.


dP Offset Tolerance


Percentage above which the absolute value of the Percent dP Offset is considered to be out of normal range.


Eff Stroke Time


Contains the time (in seconds) that it takes the actuator to go from fully closed to fully open as well as the time from fully open to fully closed. If the open and close stroke times are unequal, this input should be set to the maximum of the two values.

0.0 Seconds

Results Summary


Contains a byte of which each bit represents the status of each of the eight possible results evaluated during data analysis at the end of the test.

Set Name: Box Flow Test Results



Contains the current amount of airflow as measured by the VAV box flow pickup.

0.0 l/s, 0.0 cfm

Flow Data


Raw position and flow pairs collected during the test.


Flow Tolerance


Contains the percentage of the Rated Box Flow used for analyzing the test data.


Percent dP Offset


Contains the current value for the zero offset of the differential pressure input expressed as a percentage of the sensor range.


Rated Box Flow


Flow of the box under nominal conditions when the damper is 100% open.

0.0 l/s, 0.0 cfm

Settling Time


Contains the time over which the module averages the flow reading at each data point. This is done because the sensed flow is typically a noisy signal and is not filtered.

10.0 Seconds


G, V

Contains the current operational mode for the module. State is set equal to Box Flow Test when a test is active; otherwise it is Normal.

Set Name: Normal/Box Flow Test

Step Position


Specifies the position, when a box flow test is active, to which the damper should be commanded.


Test Status


Displays a simple summary of the status of the current or most recent test.

No Test Data

Set Name: Box Flow Test


Errors during test, No Test Data, Test Cancelled, Test Complete Normal, Test In Progress, Test Started

Test Step


Current step of the active test or the last step completed of the most recent test.

1 C - Configuration Mode Only, G - Default Element (Generated State, if applicable), SC - Simulation and Commissioning Modes Only, V - Calculated Value (Outputs)