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Controller Configuration Tool
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This module generates an Unocc Status for Unit Ventilators. When not in Unoccupied, the Unocc Status is Unocc Cntrl Not Req’d which allows other sequencers to control the devices. When unoccupied, the zone temperature is monitored to determine when the temperature exceeds the band specified by the two unoccupied temperature setpoints. When this occurs, the Unocc Status is set to the appropriate heating or cooling state. The module remains in this state until the appropriate setpoint has been satisfied for the Satisfied Timer Duration. After that period of time the status is set to Satisfied.

When unoccupied, if the temperature is unreliable, the Unoccupied Status is set to Temperature Unreliable.

If the user selects the Monitor OA During Unoccupiedoption, the outdoor air temperature also is monitored and if the OA-T is below the Low OA Temperature Setpoint, the heating valve is opened to a user-defined position. This operation does not take precedence over unocc heating, unocc cooling, warmup, or cooldown operation.