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This module is used as part of a Multizone AHU that provides air to up to eight zones. The unit may cycle during unoccupied based on the minimum or maximum zone temperature. When the temperatures exceed the band specified by the two unoccupied temperature setpoints, the Unocc status is set appropriately (Unocc Cooling, Unocc Heating, or Unocc Htg Clg) until all zone temperatures are satisfied for the length of time specified by the Satisfied Timer Duration.

If some zones are calling for heating while others are calling for cooling, then the unit runs without any device restrictions. Zones that are unreliable are ignored (input element Failsoft = True and the Default Value is between unoccupied setpoints).

The Warmup or Cooldown command allows this type of unit to run continuously to provide warm or cool air. Similarly, the Vent command allows the unit to run with maximum outdoor air. In both cases, the sequencer switches to Not Unoccupied to allow the main AHU sequencer to control the heating and cooling devices.

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