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When you simulate your system, you are in the Test Mode. You can set the simulation speed (1–10) and the default values for Miscellaneous Inputs, Network Inputs, and Inputs. Simulation speed allows processes like time delays on Binary Outputs (BO) or Stroke Times on Actuators to run 10 times as fast. For example, a 60-second delay timer runs in 12 seconds if the simulation time is set to 5.

Use the startup values to modify the defaulted starting points for all the Miscellaneous Inputs, Network Inputs, and Inputs. The startup values display the values that the Miscellaneous Inputs, Network Inputs, and Inputs use in the system because they are not connected to physical hardware. Once simulation is running, you can command the values to see how the system behaves.

  • Define hardware before attempting to simulate your system. If you do not define the hardware, the system uses the smallest controller, and the controller’s capacity may not be accurate.
  • System simulation is paused when you transition into Edit mode or open a Command dialog box. Simulation immediately resumes when you exit the window.

When running a simulation, changing values are highlighted in color. Colored highlighting is determined by the frequency the value is changing. As poll cycles return consistent values, the highlight fades away. This feature brings attention to changes throughout the application's data system to expose potential relationships between values and modules and assist in troubleshooting. This feature can be toggled on or off through the Simulation Control Bar.

  • After the third stage (red) has been reached, all subsequent consecutive changes continue to display red. For more information on status color, see Table 1.
  • The parameter change color highlighting feature can be turned on or off from the Simulation mode's control bar.