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Controller Configuration Tool
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User Guide
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The selection options for Feedback Control are:

  • Input Type

    • Temperature

    • Humidity

    • Other: This option is configured by default for pressure control, but can be used for any generic input type.

  • Number of Inputs

    • Use Existing (Manually Connect): This option does not load an Input, but allows the user to manually connect an existing Input to the Process Variable input of the selected control module.

    • One

    • Two

      • Select Minimum Value

      • Select Maximum Value

      • Average Inputs

  • Control Type

    • Simple Reset (SPAN)

    • Feedback Control (PI)

      • Remote Setpoint (AI)
      • Setpoint Reset (SPAN) from Input (AI)

  • Control Action

    • Reverse Acting (for example, Heating, Supply Fan, and Humidifier)

    • Direct Acting (for example, Cooling and Exhaust Fan)

  • Output Type

    • Proportional Actuator

    • Incremental Actuator

    • Staged Outputs

      • One to Eight Stages

If the Other Input Type is selected, the following selections are not allowed: Simple Reset (SPAN), Remote Setpoint (AI), and Setpoint Reset (SPAN) from Input (AI).

If the Humidity Input Type is selected, Remote Setpoint (AI) is not allowed.