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The Summer Winter Compensation module provides local calculation of setpoint shifts based on the outdoor air temperature. This method is sometimes used for units serving building entry areas (lobbies, vestibules, and more) to save energy by allowing the temperature setpoint to shift closer to the outdoor conditions. Alternatively, in poorly insulated buildings, the heating shift may increase the temperature setpoint in all exterior spaces to compensate for cold wall temperatures.

The ZN-T Setpoint Determination module uses these shifts as well as other influences to calculate the zone heating setpoints and zone cooling setpoints.

When the Outdoor Air Temp is Reliable, the effective shift values are calculated. Otherwise, the shift values are set to zero.

In the Winter example, the Winter Setpoint determines the Outdoor Air Temperature at which the module begins shifting the setpoints. The Winter Gain is the gain of the shift expressed in the number of degrees shift per number of degrees deviation from the Outdoor Air Temperature. The Winter Change Limit limits the maximum amount of shift allowed (positive or negative).

You cannot view or modify the modules in this group’s logic.